Sunday, December 1, 2013

Water Heater Service

Dadang is jobless for few years. But not today, after he read the blog about tankless water heater online. Maybe it is not something special, just like you and me, we can get it in easy. But in Dadang eyes the site is very special because people behind the site changed his life.

Short about Dadang. He is live in CIGADO with his family. On the past he is popular mechanic who work for a company that have a lot of clients. But the companies bankrupt because of scandals and leave the employee just like that. When he meet esi tunisia, he get inspiration. Because esi can build her own business. A small one that can generate income for her life cost. Then he create 8la2 notes as his guide for business and try the coacing at AVP ayurveda. Because he have a passion on the water heater products, he take a short course about newest products that available in the market. The tankless water heater. And now he run this business as a professional. He can install and maintenance water heater. And his business running well, because today people call him to fix the problem on their heater.